yellow umbrella

Yikes, I’m already starting to get lazy with my blog. Well, it’s mid-March and summer seems to be taking its sweet time in approaching. I cannot wait for days at the pool, reclining in the chairs reading a mixture between sappy love novels and fashion magazines. Perhaps the beach, if I happen to make it there this summer. Nothing can be better than an overcast morning on the beach. Well, I suppose I can think of plenty of great options, but right now the mountains around me feel oppressive, and the lack of moisture in this ridiculously dry air makes my skin crack. All I want right now is to walk along the beach in my little black dress and yellow umbrella.

craftiness (or my lack thereof)

craftiness (or my lack thereof)

A friend of mine made this for me a long time ago – probably 6 years ago. She had quite the talent for making jewelry. I endeavored to make jewelry myself, but I was only capable of making those childish bracelets made out of glow-in-the-dark-beads. Unfortunately, my competence for sewing isn’t any different. Or really any crafty project. I’m one of those people that browses Pinterest for hours looking at creative projects that always seem like a great idea – and then never lift a finger to do them. It’s the thought that counts, right?