OKA Jewelry – Stackable Stretch Bead Bracelet Set Stone Coral Charm

Oka Jewelry -

It was a wonderful surprise to receive this bracelet set from OKA Jewelry! I only recently came into contact with them, and I have to say I am very impressed by the quality of their work. The bracelets I received are identical to the ones in the picture on their website. These bracelets are perfect for fall with their green and red/coral tones and are just enough to spunk up a neutral colored outfit. I wore these with my black and white striped dress, and it matched quite nicely.

In addition, these bracelets are good for those with small wrists like me. I always have so much difficulty wearing bracelets because they fall off so easily, and then I find myself losing them. These bracelets are somewhat small, but have just the right amount of stretch to fit many types of wrists. I think my favorite would have to be the pearls! What’s nice is the fact that you could also wear these bracelets separately. I prefer stacking them, but for a more simple look, I would probably wear the pearls with a more formal outfit.

If you would like to purchase this exact stack of bracelets, click here. OKA Jewelry has very reasonable prices, if not better prices than most jewelry places. They have many good-quality items that come in sets for great prices! Coming up next will be a necklace and earring set also from OKA Jewelry.

Another thanks to OKA Jewelry for their wonderful gift!


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