Finals Week Fashion: OOTD

Finals Week Fashion: OOTD

In a finals week slump? Have you reached the point where you can no longer remember the last time you showered because your days and nights have been spent cooped up at the library, wearing the same outfit of sweats and sweatshirt? When you realize that you’ve been in the library for so long you’re not sure what time it is, nor what day…

As for Waing, her solution to relieving this mood of “I’m such a mess. Finals finals finals…” is by dressing up. It may not actually improve your study habits, but at least you’ll feel better while you cram, and you won’t be as embarrassed to go out in public. Not speaking from personal experience…

This outfit it perfect for those with warm-winters. A summer maxi skirt still keeps your legs warm while looking stylish, and long-sleeve crop tops are all the rave this winter. Choose a lace crop-top if you don’t need the insulation. While summer prints may be hard to wear this season, try pairing them up with dark solid colors. If this doesn’t work – put those summer clothes away! You don’t need them!

Good luck on finals everyone!

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