New Year, New Me

Just kidding. I’m still the same. I went to the gym earlier today, and for a Tuesday morning, it was pretty packed. It’s the whole “New year, new me” enthusiasm affecting everyone. I admit, it affects me to. But let’s be honest: most of those promises of self-improvement are slowly shoved under the rug as the year drags on. In my opinion, you don’t need a new year to start your journey of self-improvement. Start whenever you want. Don’t start at all. Be reasonable. You have the entire year to fulfill your “new year’s resolution,” so take it in steps. My goal is to tackle procrastination, but that’s not going to happen within a few days. As much as you desire to change yourself into a “new person,” that’s not going to happen. Rather, I see it as “adding to yourself,” or gaining new attributes to your character. Instead of running away from your old self, add to yourself. There is my mini rant of inspiration for the day. Onto some fashion! I recently acquired this dress from Forever 21; I instantly recognized it from Bethany Mota’s New Year’s Eve outfit video. It fits very nicely, and the material is surprisingly decent for Forever 21.




I love this dress because it is instantly the highlight of the outfit and doesn’t need anything to really accentuate it (except maybe some color).Image


Thanks to my wonderful photographer Cindy!


These shoes are adorable 🙂



Thanks for reading!

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