Simple Early Spring Outfits

I realize that it is no where near the official period of Spring, but the weather does what it wants to do. Plus, there’s no harm in planning for the coming season. After wearing dark clothing for the majority of winter, I’m finally bringing out my brighter colors! Here is what I wore today:


I’m slowly easing my way into spring clothing – nothing extravagant, just a simple white tee with a floral skirt. For shoes, I wore grey slip-ons, similar to Tom’s, to highlight the grey hues in my skirt. On top I am wearing a thrifted Forever 21 faux leather jacket to give an overall earthy feel to the outfit. As in my interview outfit, I am wearing my gold collar necklace; it really pulls an outfit together 🙂

Now for Cindy, who is wearing pink pastels with grey pants – perfect colors for transitioning from winter into spring. My advice: try wearing grey or brown instead of black. Pantone’s “Fashion Color Report Spring 2014” says to try mixing pastels with bright colors. I can’t wait to try it out!


Also, I finally tested out my new gorilla pod with an iPhone 5 adapter. It’s magnificent.


That’s all for today! Thanks for reading 🙂

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