Spring Outfits: Tribal print, Florals, and Pastels!

Today I’d like to share some key pieces for the spring! Starting off, we have tribal prints. I personally love this style, mostly because of how versatile it is. Tribal print has made it’s way through every season, and I have a hunch that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As winter progresses into spring, here is how you can continue wearing tribal prints:


Fold up your tribal print cardigans and sweaters and add some bright printed skirts and dresses to your wardrobe! These are great items that’ll last their way through summer and fall.


Next item: Florals. I love anything with flowers on it, and I can see this coming spring season exploding in a flower craze. For now, start with simple patterns like this here top Maxine is wearing:


Onto Pastels! Pastels are no doubt going to remain a spring staple for a long time, so no hurt in getting some now! Here is a potential Valentine’s Day outfit:


Can I just say that this turquoise/teal color is my all time favorite color. And mixed with white lace – perfect!


That is all! Comment below which outfit is your favorite 🙂

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