The Short Cut

The Short Cut

It all happened yesterday morning, when I woke up to find my hair tangled like that hopeless barbie doll’s hair that could never be recovered. And thus I decided to have it chopped off. Cropped is a better word. I vaguely knew how I wanted my hair to look, but I got my inspiration from A Pretty Penny, who recently cut her hair. I really liked what she had to say about long hair just being a “rut.”

In my opinion, you can make a fashion statement no matter the length of your hair. The benefits of short hair: 1) less tangles, 2) save money on hair products, 3) faster execution of hair do’s. I’m not even sure why I wanted long hair before.

People always say, “you can’t do anything with short hair.” False. In fact, I didn’t do jack with my long hair.

I’m quite pleased with the result. No layers, same length all around. 🙂

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