OKA Jewelry – Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

OKA Jewelry - Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

Here I am presenting another great gift from OKA Jewelry! My first impression of the website was that it sold jewelry just like any other brand name store. Once I received their jewelry, however, I was shocked by how gorgeous it was! Pictures cannot do it any justice. The necklace and earrings in person are absolutely stunning, and I would recommend this online store to all of my followers, friends, and family.

On a side note, we all know that you take your chances when shopping at Forever 21 because of the quality of material. I think it’s safe to say, however, that OKA Jewelry has very good quality items, similar to how I would rank Francesca’s (which is quite expensive).

So, all I ask is that you check out their website for some great deals!

If you would like to purchase this exact same jewelry set, click here! It’s only $12.95! You can also get it in coral, but I prefer the sea green!

More about me: I recently moved to Southern California, so this necklace fits in perfectly with the year-long summer. As you can probably tell, I was heading to the beach when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to OKA Jewelry! I love wearing your jewelry!


Leopard Dress

Leopard Dress

I have always been skeptical about animal prints, until very recently when I noticed nice ensembles involving leopard print on Pinterest. I’ve been on the lookout, and now I’ve found my match. It’s a lightweight, casual leopard print dress, perfect for throwing over a black bandeau. Not to mention it has pockets! I know it’s a bit more summer appropriate, but I can see it being turned into a fall outfit. For instance, add some black tights, boots, and a jacket, and wallah! The beige and black of the pattern is an easy transition from summer to fall.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

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Dress – Goodwill
Bandeau – A’gaci
Flip flops – Target

Back to School: Casual

Back to School: Casual

A rule to follow this fall is: Don’t wear white after Labor Day. White is too much of a summer color to carry on into the fall. So wear white now while you can! This look reminds me of being at the beach or walking along a boardwalk. It has a cooler summer feel because of the light wash capris and neutral tones of the top and wedges.

Wedges are also meant for the summer months, so wear them now before September comes. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I am wearing a light green/white stone necklace that I got from a local craft fair.

That’s all for now. Happy Monday!

Shoes – Franco Sarto
Top – Saks Fifth Avenue
Capris – Arizona, JC Penney
Necklace – local craft fair

Casual Summer Night Out

This was probably the most difficult of the shoots to perform. The lighting was horrid, but I did what I could with the yellow glare. Overall, I think it adds to the “summer nights” effect I was going for.


Black seems to be a color people avoid wearing during the summer, as it is believed to be more of a winter hue. Lies! Black is always flattering, no matter what. Pair it up with silver sandals to make the look less dull. When deciding on jewelry, I follow the rule that black goes with silver, and white/beige goes with gold. Of course with a rule there are always exceptions. Also, look for beading around the collar – I find that detailing near the neck has a much more significant impact than details elsewhere.

The second outfit here consists of a lovely pink polka-dot skirt. Loud patterned skirts are an easy way to put an outfit together. Choose a statement skirt, like the one above, and pick out your top and skirt according to the skirt’s theme. Need a purpose for wearing all those basic tank tops you have lying around? Tuck them into a playful skirt for a flirty look. With the shoes, go for a color opposite the color of the skirt on the color wheel. For example, Charlie went with green/teal sandals to contrast the pink skirt. You can never go wrong with the color wheel. Trust it.


Here are two last outfits. Who says you have to wear some sort of dress/skirt on a night out? Maybe you just want to be comfortable, or it’s a little windy. White shorts are essential! In my opinion, they create a beachy, summertime feel that cannot be recreated say in the fall, or spring. Paired up with a bright solid top, they create the ultimate fun, casual summer outfit. Next is the pencil skirt. Not as comfortable but resistant against wind for sure! Again, I find black fitting for summer nights, but now this black pencil skirt is paired with a tribal tank top. I absolutely love the tribal trend going on right now. It just has summer written all over it. I can’t describe it in any other way.

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Sheer Summer

Sheer Summer

Depending on where you live, it can get mighty hot during the summer, and I mean weather wise. Once it hits the 90’s, it becomes difficult to dress in non-skimpy clothing. Sure little spaghetti-strap tank tops can be comfortable and what not, but that is not the way to go when you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

I suppose that is why sheer tops were made. They are incredibly light weight; all you have to do is wear a tank top underneath. They cover up enough skin to be appropriate for both formal and casual occasions, yet the material is thin to the point where you feel as if you are only wearing a tank top.

Obviously there are many different styles of sheer tops, but this is the one I own. It is from Kohl’s, by the brand Mudd. I absolutely love the faded print – it makes me feel like I’m on a Hawaiian island instead of in a desert.

So that is my item for the day. I am trying to upload something new everyday, whether it is an outfit, clothing item, accessory, product, etc. On those days when I just can’t make it happen, I will make up for it on another day.

Also, I changed the layout of my blog to Truly Minimal. I’m liking it a lot better, but I would really appreciate feedback on my blog. So please leave a comment below on what you think – or, leave a request for what I should post next!

La Jolla Spree

La Jolla Spree

Recently I was in La Jolla, CA, and if you have ever been there, you would know that there is great shopping downtown. Saving for school being my highest priority right now, I could not go crazy with the shopping. Me being a thrifty shopper, I still found a way to come home with something! The dress is from Ross (not from downtown, but in a different area of La Jolla) and I got it for a whopping $5.99. The necklace and earring set, however, I got from a store called Georgiou in downtown. It was $22, so that was my single splurge.

If you are ever in the area, I would recommend going to Georgiou. It is a little expensive, but they were having a buy one get one half off sale when I was there. They have very classy, yet casual clothing. I spent a lot of time in Francesca’s as well, but the prices could not satisfy my thrifty nature. A close-up of the necklace and earrings will come up soon.

The Power of Solids

The Power of Solids

Part 2 of Target haul. So, here’s the story: I spent roughly an hour tearing apart the already ransacked swim suit department at Target one day. It was nearly impossible to find both pieces to a bikini, much less anything that actually matched. I’ve really been into patterns lately, but nothing seemed to work. So, I forced myself to browse through the boring section at the back; and after trying on what I thought wasn’t worth the trouble, I soon discovered the value of solid colors.

For one thing, you really can’t go wrong with solids. You’re not going to stand out, but you’re also not going to get looks from people wondering who on earth picked out your swim suit. This pink bikini top may not have been displayed with the “popular” swim suits, in fact it was in the back with the “mom” swim suits (as I have come to know that area), but it had a much more flattering look than the push-up, polka-dot, lacy bikinis. Plus, this look will never go out of style; you can’t get any more basic than this. In addition, this top can be paired up with a number of bottoms to change up the look. For example, black, navy, white, or pink polka-dot bottoms would all work with this top.

After long consideration, I purchased this top, and this top only. (Did I mention how ridiculously soft it is?) So, moral of the story: don’t be afraid to stray away from the popular sections where swim suits are made more for display than for flattering the body.