Senior Portraits

This is a rather belated post, but I would like to share the senior pictures I took for my friend, Eliana!




She could definitely be a model.





I had a blast taking these. Thanks to Eliana for letting me be her photographer!

OKA Jewelry – Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

OKA Jewelry - Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

Here I am presenting another great gift from OKA Jewelry! My first impression of the website was that it sold jewelry just like any other brand name store. Once I received their jewelry, however, I was shocked by how gorgeous it was! Pictures cannot do it any justice. The necklace and earrings in person are absolutely stunning, and I would recommend this online store to all of my followers, friends, and family.

On a side note, we all know that you take your chances when shopping at Forever 21 because of the quality of material. I think it’s safe to say, however, that OKA Jewelry has very good quality items, similar to how I would rank Francesca’s (which is quite expensive).

So, all I ask is that you check out their website for some great deals!

If you would like to purchase this exact same jewelry set, click here! It’s only $12.95! You can also get it in coral, but I prefer the sea green!

More about me: I recently moved to Southern California, so this necklace fits in perfectly with the year-long summer. As you can probably tell, I was heading to the beach when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to OKA Jewelry! I love wearing your jewelry!


Leopard Dress

Leopard Dress

I have always been skeptical about animal prints, until very recently when I noticed nice ensembles involving leopard print on Pinterest. I’ve been on the lookout, and now I’ve found my match. It’s a lightweight, casual leopard print dress, perfect for throwing over a black bandeau. Not to mention it has pockets! I know it’s a bit more summer appropriate, but I can see it being turned into a fall outfit. For instance, add some black tights, boots, and a jacket, and wallah! The beige and black of the pattern is an easy transition from summer to fall.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

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Dress – Goodwill
Bandeau – A’gaci
Flip flops – Target

Land of Enchantment/ How I Style Combat Boots #1

I went on a beautiful walk this morning and just had to document my experience. I think people forget that New Mexico is indeed “the land of enchantment.”



Can’t forget the outfit; this is a fashion blog after all!


I got some pretty intense leggings the other day…


And combat boots!


The lighting was perfect.





Top – TJ Maxx

Leggings – Ross

Shoes – TJ Maxx (Guess)

Back to School: Casual

Back to School: Casual

A rule to follow this fall is: Don’t wear white after Labor Day. White is too much of a summer color to carry on into the fall. So wear white now while you can! This look reminds me of being at the beach or walking along a boardwalk. It has a cooler summer feel because of the light wash capris and neutral tones of the top and wedges.

Wedges are also meant for the summer months, so wear them now before September comes. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I am wearing a light green/white stone necklace that I got from a local craft fair.

That’s all for now. Happy Monday!

Shoes – Franco Sarto
Top – Saks Fifth Avenue
Capris – Arizona, JC Penney
Necklace – local craft fair

Back to School Shoes: Flats & Sandals

Back to School Shoes: Flats & Sandals

It’s that time of year again! Probably the best excuse to buy new clothing and shoes… and supplies of course. Unfortunately, my school doesn’t start until late September, but most students are going back within the the next couple of weeks. So, I am now starting my back to school collection, featuring outfits for school, my college dorm haul, and fall inspiration.

For now I’d thought I’d start off with these new shoes I got from The Shoe Department. Every year I get a new pair of classic black flats. They go perfectly with dark skinny jeans and sweaters, which I plan on styling in the fall. The second pair I got are these metallic sandals that are more appropriate for August and early September when the weather is still warm enough for shorts and skirts. My advice: switch out boring, old flip flops for some decorative sandals this school year! The nail polish I am wearing is Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen.

Warning: this color does not look good on finger nails.

Stay tuned for more back to school hauls!

Dinner Date Outfit

Dinner Date Outfit

I have a dinner date with the Natester tonight. I can’t seem to make these last couple hours go by faster, so I decided to do a little OOTD post for fun. We agreed to be formal, but I didn’t want to be over the top. I consider this outfit very business casual actually. It’s great for those occasions that are right on the borderline of casual and formal; it’s the perfect transition.

The black pencil skirt I am wearing is the main component of this outfit – it can dress anything up. On top I am wearing a sheer navy blue top with small lime green polka dots (underneath is a black tank top). And my shoes: short heels are essential for completing the semi-formal look. Dressy but not fancy.

On my wrist I am wearing this antique-looking watch that my grandpa got for me at a garage sale. It’s a little cracked, but I think it just adds a little character. I am also wearing my Pandora bracelet (with two charms). On my nails is Lightning by L.A. Colors.

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