OKA Jewelry – Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

OKA Jewelry - Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

Here I am presenting another great gift from OKA Jewelry! My first impression of the website was that it sold jewelry just like any other brand name store. Once I received their jewelry, however, I was shocked by how gorgeous it was! Pictures cannot do it any justice. The necklace and earrings in person are absolutely stunning, and I would recommend this online store to all of my followers, friends, and family.

On a side note, we all know that you take your chances when shopping at Forever 21 because of the quality of material. I think it’s safe to say, however, that OKA Jewelry has very good quality items, similar to how I would rank Francesca’s (which is quite expensive).

So, all I ask is that you check out their website for some great deals!

If you would like to purchase this exact same jewelry set, click here! It’s only $12.95! You can also get it in coral, but I prefer the sea green!

More about me: I recently moved to Southern California, so this necklace fits in perfectly with the year-long summer. As you can probably tell, I was heading to the beach when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to OKA Jewelry! I love wearing your jewelry!


The Power of Solids

The Power of Solids

Part 2 of Target haul. So, here’s the story: I spent roughly an hour tearing apart the already ransacked swim suit department at Target one day. It was nearly impossible to find both pieces to a bikini, much less anything that actually matched. I’ve really been into patterns lately, but nothing seemed to work. So, I forced myself to browse through the boring section at the back; and after trying on what I thought wasn’t worth the trouble, I soon discovered the value of solid colors.

For one thing, you really can’t go wrong with solids. You’re not going to stand out, but you’re also not going to get looks from people wondering who on earth picked out your swim suit. This pink bikini top may not have been displayed with the “popular” swim suits, in fact it was in the back with the “mom” swim suits (as I have come to know that area), but it had a much more flattering look than the push-up, polka-dot, lacy bikinis. Plus, this look will never go out of style; you can’t get any more basic than this. In addition, this top can be paired up with a number of bottoms to change up the look. For example, black, navy, white, or pink polka-dot bottoms would all work with this top.

After long consideration, I purchased this top, and this top only. (Did I mention how ridiculously soft it is?) So, moral of the story: don’t be afraid to stray away from the popular sections where swim suits are made more for display than for flattering the body.

Necessary Items of Clothing

Necessary Items of Clothing

Here is the long-promised for Target haul. I apologize for not uploading pictures sooner, but I have been in beautiful San Diego/La Jolla for the past week spending hours in the ocean and late afternoons lounging on the poolside. Not to mention a bit of shopping (shocker!). A few more pictures of items I got from Target will come up later today or tomorrow. AND, not to mention, a La Jolla shopping haul and/or photo shoot. So stay tuned.

Back to the post. I would just like to say that razor back tank tops are marvelous. They are simple, casual, and easy to wear anywhere. In my opinion, I would recommend buying a looser fitting tank top, that way you could wear it as a comfortable workout top, a beach/pool cover-up, or combine it with a bralette (Yes, I have finally figured out how to wear them)! I wore this while going for a run at Torrey Pines, and I must admit I felt a lot better about myself wearing something other than old cross country t-shirts. So that is where I must conclude, be back soon!

tie-dye swim suit

tie-dye swim suit

I just got this swim suit, because I realized I have been wearing the same old swim suits year after year. Also, I pretty much just live in my life guard suit all summer long; hence, new swim suits really haven’t been much of a priority in my life. Well, now I shall be living by the coast and swim attire is basically mandatory. I saw this suit on a mannequin and thought it was slightly hideous. Then I found it on the rack and tried it on and loved it. I especially love the back – though I shall be getting some funny tan lines. That’s okay. Oh yeah, before I forget, I bought this from JCPenney. Clothing haul to be continued…