Preppy OOTD

Preppy OOTD

Not sure where I got the motivation from to actually dress up on a Saturday, but it happened. Also, I rarely dress preppy; but I wanted to try this new black and white chevron skirt I got for Christmas. I really love nautical colors, so over a simple black tank top I am wearing a thrifted navy blue cardigan, fastened with a coral pink belt.

I’m not big on chevron, but I really like the way this skirt falls so that it makes the pattern overlap. So there you have it, my OOTD 🙂

Back to School Shoes: Flats & Sandals

Back to School Shoes: Flats & Sandals

It’s that time of year again! Probably the best excuse to buy new clothing and shoes… and supplies of course. Unfortunately, my school doesn’t start until late September, but most students are going back within the the next couple of weeks. So, I am now starting my back to school collection, featuring outfits for school, my college dorm haul, and fall inspiration.

For now I’d thought I’d start off with these new shoes I got from The Shoe Department. Every year I get a new pair of classic black flats. They go perfectly with dark skinny jeans and sweaters, which I plan on styling in the fall. The second pair I got are these metallic sandals that are more appropriate for August and early September when the weather is still warm enough for shorts and skirts. My advice: switch out boring, old flip flops for some decorative sandals this school year! The nail polish I am wearing is Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen.

Warning: this color does not look good on finger nails.

Stay tuned for more back to school hauls!