Girls’ Night Out – Holiday Shopping

Unless you’re the type of person who does their holiday shopping mid-summer, the mad rush of shopping has just begun. Stores are preparing for the notorious Black Friday and Cyber Monday, malls are playing the Carol of the Bells, and Bath and Body Works has all their Christmas scents lined up. There is a sort of hype in the air; an excitement, a warmth. If you plan on participating in the chaos that is Black Friday, or leftover Saturday, take some friends along, and dress up! Here are two outfit ideas for a girls’ night out of holiday shopping:


First and foremost: wear comfortable shoes. I prefer my combat boots. In addition, I am wearing one of my favorite summer dresses turned fall with my cut-out black tights and burnt orange cardigan. To add that touch of class, I am wearing my pearl necklace (always does the trick). Rebecca is wearing this great maroon and dark navy top from Target, black leggings, a gold collar necklace, and a gold dragon ear-cuff.


So there you have it: two different takes on fall outfits. I hope this is of some inspiration for the holidays 🙂

Photo credits: Cindy

My Outfit:

Dress – Forever 21

Cardigan – American Apparel

Combat Boots – Guess

Tights – Uknown

Halloween: Mean Girl’s Mouse

Halloween: Mean Girl's Mouse

Happy Halloween! Best excuse to wear excessive make up and eat unhealthy amounts of candy with minimal judgement.

For you last minute Halloween-ers who just want candy: Here is a cute costume that is easy to put together (as modeled by Palak). Look familiar?

Her dress is from Forever 21 and the ear cuff is from OKA Jewelry. Even though the cuff has an elephant on it, I still think it goes well with the overall mouse theme. What I love most about the ear cuff is that it’s not just costume jewelry. It’s very simple and dainty, and perfect for any fall outfit. It’s easy to wear, and it’s a nice accessory to have in your collection.

Hope everyone has a fun night!