Warby Parker Review

Recently, Warby Parker asked me to review their newest Spring and Palm Canyon collections, so that is what this post shall be about! I had never heard of Warby Parker, but once I checked out their website, the way they conducted business sounded familiar to me. Turns out my boyfriend had actually tried their products before. Warby Parker is basically an online eyeglasses/sunglasses shop – both prescription and non-prescription. What I thought was cool is that they send you samples to try on at home for a few days to mimic the feeling of actually trying on glasses at a store. You’re allowed 5 samples, I believe, because you can’t always trust that things on a model are going to look the same on you. In addition, when you purchase a pair of their glasses, they donate a pair to someone in need through their non-profit partners.

As for their Spring Collection, I am really loving the different color options they provide. In fact, I am in love with the Quimby sunglasses in Absinthe.


I think that these are so stylish and unique for the spring! I love the vintage shape to them, but I am mostly sold on their green color.

Here is another one of my favorites:


And some models styling the Spring Collection, to get an idea of how they look on.



They have quite the hipster, coffee shop, entrepreneur look to them, and are very trendy in my opinion. As for the Palm Canyon Collection, I’m not a particularly huge fan of this style, but I do think they are fairly chic.

This wooden frame trend is still in its early stages, but I think it still has high potential. I saw some vendors selling similar shades on campus, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this look starts hitting stores soon.


In addition to the wooden style frames, they have a a frame called Red Canyon that I think is very business woman chic.


The shape is very professional and sleek, not too distracting, yet appealing to the eye (ah see how punny I am).

So that is my review of Warby Parker! I have never personally tried their products, but from reviewing their website and images, I can say that I really like their style 🙂

All images provided by Warby Parker.

Back to School – Preppy

Back to School - Preppy

I’ve been wanting to create a look like this for a while now – the only thing I seem to be missing is a feminine bow tie. Of all my back to school outfits, this look seems to be the most fitting. I decided to create a school uniform gone casual, starting off with a navy blue cardigan. The great thing about navy blue is that you can match it up with just about any color – greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges… so long as there is a significant contrast in hue. I went for a light pink, pinstripe button down and rolled up the sleeves to create that chic, classy (no pun intended) student impression. I also wore my dark wash (straight-legged) jeans with some casual gray slip on shoes and a simple bracelet. And, last but not least, I wore my glasses – not because I’m too lazy to put on my contacts – but because what better way to look study-oriented than wearing glasses? Everybody knows this is true.

Well, that’s my look for today. Happy Monday!

Cardigan – Riders by Lee
Button down – American Eagle
Jeans – American Eagle
Shoes – Target
Bracelet – Aerie
Glasses – Rough Justice