Girls’ Night Out – Holiday Shopping

Unless you’re the type of person who does their holiday shopping mid-summer, the mad rush of shopping has just begun. Stores are preparing for the notorious Black Friday and Cyber Monday, malls are playing the Carol of the Bells, and Bath and Body Works has all their Christmas scents lined up. There is a sort of hype in the air; an excitement, a warmth. If you plan on participating in the chaos that is Black Friday, or leftover Saturday, take some friends along, and dress up! Here are two outfit ideas for a girls’ night out of holiday shopping:


First and foremost: wear comfortable shoes. I prefer my combat boots. In addition, I am wearing one of my favorite summer dresses turned fall with my cut-out black tights and burnt orange cardigan. To add that touch of class, I am wearing my pearl necklace (always does the trick). Rebecca is wearing this great maroon and dark navy top from Target, black leggings, a gold collar necklace, and a gold dragon ear-cuff.


So there you have it: two different takes on fall outfits. I hope this is of some inspiration for the holidays 🙂

Photo credits: Cindy

My Outfit:

Dress – Forever 21

Cardigan – American Apparel

Combat Boots – Guess

Tights – Uknown

OOTD: November 4th

OOTD: November 4th

Here is today’s outfit of the day. My thrifted orange cardigan is my new favorite piece to wear. The dress is also thrifted: from Goodwill. It’s more retro than anything, but I toned it down by adding a belt from Forever 21.

Land of Enchantment/ How I Style Combat Boots #1

I went on a beautiful walk this morning and just had to document my experience. I think people forget that New Mexico is indeed “the land of enchantment.”



Can’t forget the outfit; this is a fashion blog after all!


I got some pretty intense leggings the other day…


And combat boots!


The lighting was perfect.





Top – TJ Maxx

Leggings – Ross

Shoes – TJ Maxx (Guess)

Getting Ready for Fall

Getting Ready for Fall

As made obvious by my wardrobe, I am far more prepared for Fall than any other season. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m just more drawn to Fall fashion than anything else. Another thing I’m obsessed with? Boots. When the temperature starts to drop, I wear these nearly every day.

Also, I am not a jeans person. They just feel so uncomfortable compared to leggings and skirts/dresses! So, I dressed up this look with my black circle skirt (which I honestly think looks better with leggings than without). On top I am wearing a light pink tank top with a cropped, knitted cardigan that has pink accents. And that is all! Details will be provided below.

I hope this provides some inspiration for the Fall! Please comment below if you have any requests and/or feedback. Thanks!

Cardigan – TJ Maxx
Tank top – Forever 21
Circle skirt – Forever 21
Leggings – Ross
Boots – Nicole

Back to School Outfit #4

Back to School Outfit #4

This outfit is definitely geared towards comfort, mostly because of the leggings. My inspiration for this look:

The past few outfits have actually all been Pinterest inspired.
Also, am I the only one who has this problem on a daily basis?

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Shoes – TOMS
Leggings – Ross
Floral Top – Forever 21
Cardigan – Merona
Necklace – Aerie