Half a Week in Outfits

Alright, here we go. Getting back into the blogging habit. I thought I’d just show you my outfits for the past 3 days, which progressively got warmer and warmer. For Wednesday’s outfit, I was definitely feeling a more dressy outfit with dark colors to compliment the overcast and foggy weather. These are the best pictures I took of my sleep deprived self – I hadn’t had my coffee yet.



On top I am wearing this very loose and flowy shirt – it’s basically a circle skirt but with sleeves. I love wearing this because of the variety of ways you can drape it over your torso. On bottom I’m wearing a simple grey sweater skirt thats form fitting, so as to contrast with the looseness of my top. And then I’m just wearing sheer black tights and black flats, because I feel like sweater skirts/dresses look much better against tights than against bare legs. Over everything I am wearing a beige trench coat, and leaving it unbuttoned so that the outfit can peek through.

Wednesday afternoon, I was fortunate to stumble upon a thrift sale table that was using the proceeds to pay for a service trip to Honduras.


I left with two items: A ruffled, light-pink chiffon blouse, and high waisted black shorts. The next day, I made an outfit out of them:


I really love the buttons on the shorts, and I had the perfect light-green jean jacket to go with the top. I went for a very springy, soft toned look, and kept it as simple as possible.

On to today, I was going for a more grungy, sophisticated look, if you can use both those words in one sentence. Also, I’m patting myself on the back for making my ear look like a solar system. Or at least that’s how I see it…


On top I am wearing a purple, acid-wash t-shirt from Cotton On, and dark wash skinny jeans which I rolled up. I am really loving acid-wash right now – it makes the material so soft, and adds a minimal amount of grunge to an outfit. I wanted to keep this outfit simple as well, so I wore a gold leaf necklace from Aerie, and for styling purposes, a brown faux leather jacket.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more outfits of the day!

Back to School – Preppy

Back to School - Preppy

I’ve been wanting to create a look like this for a while now – the only thing I seem to be missing is a feminine bow tie. Of all my back to school outfits, this look seems to be the most fitting. I decided to create a school uniform gone casual, starting off with a navy blue cardigan. The great thing about navy blue is that you can match it up with just about any color – greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges… so long as there is a significant contrast in hue. I went for a light pink, pinstripe button down and rolled up the sleeves to create that chic, classy (no pun intended) student impression. I also wore my dark wash (straight-legged) jeans with some casual gray slip on shoes and a simple bracelet. And, last but not least, I wore my glasses – not because I’m too lazy to put on my contacts – but because what better way to look study-oriented than wearing glasses? Everybody knows this is true.

Well, that’s my look for today. Happy Monday!

Cardigan – Riders by Lee
Button down – American Eagle
Jeans – American Eagle
Shoes – Target
Bracelet – Aerie
Glasses – Rough Justice