OOTD: December 11th, Celebrating Finals!



Okay, so I’m not actually celebrating finals, but there’s still time to celebrate fall! As a completely undeserved study break, I decided to do a quick photo shoot with my roommate Cindy. She is stellar at taking photos – especially when I have no idea how to pose. So here is my outfit of the day:


Sweater – H&M


Skirt – Ross


Jacket – Forever 21


Boots – nicole

Take a study break and enjoy what is left of fall 🙂

Photo credits: Cindy

OOTD: November 4th

OOTD: November 4th

Here is today’s outfit of the day. My thrifted orange cardigan is my new favorite piece to wear. The dress is also thrifted: from Goodwill. It’s more retro than anything, but I toned it down by adding a belt from Forever 21.

Getting Ready for Fall

Getting Ready for Fall

As made obvious by my wardrobe, I am far more prepared for Fall than any other season. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m just more drawn to Fall fashion than anything else. Another thing I’m obsessed with? Boots. When the temperature starts to drop, I wear these nearly every day.

Also, I am not a jeans person. They just feel so uncomfortable compared to leggings and skirts/dresses! So, I dressed up this look with my black circle skirt (which I honestly think looks better with leggings than without). On top I am wearing a light pink tank top with a cropped, knitted cardigan that has pink accents. And that is all! Details will be provided below.

I hope this provides some inspiration for the Fall! Please comment below if you have any requests and/or feedback. Thanks!

Cardigan – TJ Maxx
Tank top – Forever 21
Circle skirt – Forever 21
Leggings – Ross
Boots – Nicole

Back to School: Pearls and Plaid

Back to School: Pearls and Plaid

Another staple piece for the fall: plaid (though no neon plaid please). Stick to warm colors, always. I’ve noticed the pearls and plaid trend sweeping across Pinterest, and decided to try it myself. Here is my inspiration: http://www.thepinkpeonies.com/2012/02/knitplaidequestrian.html

Not quite the same, but I tried! I hope this is of some inspiration.

Top – Kohl’s
Skirt – Gap
Boots – Nicole
Necklaces – Unknown/Forever 21

Back to School: Fall Outfit

Back to School: Fall Outfit

Here is the second outfit of my back to school collection! To create a smooth transition from summer to fall, I based the outfit off of a cream-colored summer dress I own. Of course, I added my riding boots, but this time with brown leggings to give the look a warmer vibe. On top I am wearing a forest green jacket and a pink infinity scarf to once again create an earthy tone, yet add a little summer color.

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Back to School Outfit #1

Back to School Outfit #1

Here is my first outfit from my back to school collection! I decided to jump right into fall colors – my favorite color scheme to work with. I just love the earthy, warm tones of fall.
I decided to layer this outfit because September weather is a little unpredictable since the temperature tends to change from morning to night. So, I layered a cardigan with a jean jacket. To make the look more stylish, I wore my striped pencil skirt from Forever 21, riding boots, and leg warmers. Leg warmers are a great accessory to have; they look great with boots, yet they are actually functional. Hope you liked the look; stay tuned for the rest of my back to school outfits!

Jacket – Forever 21
Cardigan – BDG.
Necklace – Forever 21
Skirt – Forever 21
Leg Warmers – Unknown
Riding Boots – Nicole

Summer Heat and Riding Boots

Here is the final part! Paige was smart and brought clothing appropriate for walking around in 80 degree weather. For some reason I thought jeans and a sweater would be great. I tell myself that I did it for my blog – but honestly, I should have waited until the fall. Anyway, here are the pictures!





And here is what I wore: (Details will be provided at the end)




I was nearly dying at this point.


The “we did it!” picture.

At the end of these posts, I always want to say, “Thanks for watching!” Except that doesn’t make sense. Thanks for viewing? Wait, is it my favorite day of the week? Yes.

Happy Monday!

That was sarcasm.

Details: Paige

Shoes – American Eagle

Shorts & Belt – American Eagle

Shirt – Forever 21

Necklace – American Eagle

Headband – Forever 21

Earrings, Earcuff – Basement Market Place, Claire’s