I apologize for being M.I.A. for much too long. Life get’s busy. Though I’m going to start posting new stuff soon. I’m actually working for another blog right now, so I technically haven’t stopped blogging all together. If you’re curious to see what I’ve been doing lately, or interested in college fashion, visit Trend Magazine’s fashion blog 🙂 Not all of the photos/interviews are mine, but I have contributed some. Thanks for reading!

OOTD: Pineapple Dress for the Win

OOTD: Pineapple Dress for the Win

Last night I went to a Secret Santa party and instead of being the conventional ‘holiday festive,’ I added my own twist to Christmas wear. The three colors that generally signify Christmas are straight up red, green, and gold; instead, I chose for my color palette olive green, maroon, and pale yellow. I think that all of these colors go so much better together than the typical crayon colors. The main focus of this outfit is, of course, the pineapple dress. It adds a great Hawaiian twist to the holiday season without being obnoxious.

Because it even gets cold in SoCal, I paired this outfit with black tights, a brown cardigan, and an olive green jacket. Details will be listed down below.

Photo credits: Cindy

Jacket – Forever 21
Cardigan – Forever 21 Mens
Dress – Tori Richard, Honolulu
Tights – Charlotte Russe
Ankle boots – Anne by Pesaro
Belt – Forever 21

College Fashion – Twerk Team Sorority Fashion Shoot

As promised, here is the long awaited suite photo shoot! Huge thanks to all these lovely ladies who let me play photographer 🙂


We call ourselves the Twerk Team Sorority. The theme for this photo shoot is Girls Night Out.

First up we have Palak sporting light pastels for an overall casual, yet cutesy look. The grey wedge heels make this look appropriate for a nice dinner out at let’s say… BJ’s!


Next we have Maxine, pulling off my dream outfit. Here we have all the fall essentials displayed at once: the black circle skirt, a beret/beanie, stockings, black boots, and a long sleeve crop top. Black and maroon are worn best during the fall.


Again with black and maroon, we have Christina also sporting a black circle skirt (I’m telling you – a must have). Circle skirts are best worn with either a cropped top or by tucking the top into the skirt.


Next we have Alyssa wearing all dark navy blue – another great color for fall if you’re not into the whole maroon palette. I remember when tucking in shirts was regarded as dorky, but now it is very fashionable with the styles they are coming out with today.


If you live in SoCal, it’s still pretty warm here. No need for heavy coats or many layers. Here we have Rebecca wearing a patterned dress suitable for most any season, but toned down by a black cardigan.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of this waterfall braid (done by Waing, bow added by Cindy).


Next we have Cindy, looking cute as ever in a beautiful flowered top from Forever 21. You can never go wrong with neutrals and black pumps – stay classy.


And now we have Waing, pulling off a black laced romper (I am so jealous). Like I said, it’s still pretty warm in SoCal, but as long as you stay with dark colors, you can still incorporate summer clothes into your fall closet.


Here is yet another example of combining summer wear with fall wear. Here is Christina pairing white lace shorts with a warm-toned sweater and neutral flats. She is not usually this serious.


And now for Natalie (who I think looks likes Anna Kendrick). She looks absolutely adorable in this 50’s themed blue dress with cutouts, and curled ringlets.


Is that the black circle skirt you’ve been blogging about in every single post lately, you ask? Yes, yes it is. You must wear it every single day! I do.


Phew that was a long post. Surely that counts for an entire month of blogging! I hope you enjoyed. Comment down below which outfit is your favorite!

OKA Jewelry – Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

OKA Jewelry - Gold Resin Bib Link Flower Statement Necklace Set

Here I am presenting another great gift from OKA Jewelry! My first impression of the website was that it sold jewelry just like any other brand name store. Once I received their jewelry, however, I was shocked by how gorgeous it was! Pictures cannot do it any justice. The necklace and earrings in person are absolutely stunning, and I would recommend this online store to all of my followers, friends, and family.

On a side note, we all know that you take your chances when shopping at Forever 21 because of the quality of material. I think it’s safe to say, however, that OKA Jewelry has very good quality items, similar to how I would rank Francesca’s (which is quite expensive).

So, all I ask is that you check out their website for some great deals!

If you would like to purchase this exact same jewelry set, click here! It’s only $12.95! You can also get it in coral, but I prefer the sea green!

More about me: I recently moved to Southern California, so this necklace fits in perfectly with the year-long summer. As you can probably tell, I was heading to the beach when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to OKA Jewelry! I love wearing your jewelry!