OOTD: November 8th

OOTD: November 8th

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so to counteract the sniffles, I’m dressing it up – casually. I kind of wear a lot of black during the fall and winter. A lot. So it’s no surprise that that is what I turned to in my closet this morning. Here is the result. Happy Friday!

OOTD: October 11th

OOTD: October 10th

Being at college for the past couple of weeks has opened me up to something greater than small town fashion. Being in a greatly populated area has challenged me to play around with my style; I see so many people on the daily wearing clothing combinations I never thought of trying. So here is my take on college fashion.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Dao

Skirt – Forever 21
Long Sleeve – Forever 21
Stockings – Unknown
Combat Boots – TJ Maxx
Beret – Unknown