Interview Outfits – Winter Collection

Welcome to a special edition of interview outfits! That sounded pretty important didn’t it? Well, interviews are kind of a big deal. As much as we wish it could be otherwise, interviews are all based on first impressions. You want to wear something conservative, yet memorable. Here are two of my selected interview outfits, created from classic winter pieces:

First, we have a tribal print shift dress. I know mine is a tad bit short, but a shift dress is great for formal meetings, as it doesn’t show off the body. That is normally a negative aspect when choosing clothing. You’re supposed to show off your body right? Well, unless the job you are applying to requires this, it’s better to focus at the task at hand: showing off your personality, not your body.


I added a gold collar necklace to accentuate the neckline, and tan heels to add a nice balance to the dress. Necklace, dress, and shoes are from Forever 21 🙂Image

Here is my second outfit choice, something a little more memorable:


I went for a more school-girl type of look, playing around with winter shades. I absolutely love the way this off-white sweater looks with a school uniform-style skirt and navy blue tights. I wore suede Mary Jane shoes to make the outfit look even more preppy. If you don’t want to look too formal for an interview, try being preppy. Though it may not be as fancy, it still has a polished and neat look to it.


Every interview is different…I know my style may not cater to everyone 🙂 But I hope this was of some inspiration anyway! Happy Hump Day!

Photo Credits: Cindy 🙂