How I Style Combat Boots #2/ Oversized Cardigan

How I Style Combat Boots #2/ Oversized Cardigan

This sun & moon tank top I got from A’gaci is one of my favorite fashion finds from this past week. The material is lightweight, soft, and the perfect length. The arm holes are very deep, so I purchased a simple black bandeau (also from A’gaci) to go underneath. It was great to finally find a tank top like this that doesn’t cost more than it’s worth! It reminds me of Brandy Melville style, yet only a fraction of the cost!

Also, ever since I purchased combat boots, I realized that just about anything goes with them. Shorts, jeans, dresses… anything. To top this look off, I covered up with an oversized cardigan I found at Goodwill. You don’t have to go to a department store to find specially made oversized clothing. This is a size 22/24, which wouldn’t look right on me if it was the main piece, but it works well with this outfit as a whole.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

Top – A’gaci
Bandeau – A’gaci
Cardigan – Goodwill
Shorts – TJ Maxx
Combat Boots – TJ Maxx


Land of Enchantment/ How I Style Combat Boots #1

I went on a beautiful walk this morning and just had to document my experience. I think people forget that New Mexico is indeed “the land of enchantment.”



Can’t forget the outfit; this is a fashion blog after all!


I got some pretty intense leggings the other day…


And combat boots!


The lighting was perfect.





Top – TJ Maxx

Leggings – Ross

Shoes – TJ Maxx (Guess)

Necessary Items of Clothing

Necessary Items of Clothing

Here is the long-promised for Target haul. I apologize for not uploading pictures sooner, but I have been in beautiful San Diego/La Jolla for the past week spending hours in the ocean and late afternoons lounging on the poolside. Not to mention a bit of shopping (shocker!). A few more pictures of items I got from Target will come up later today or tomorrow. AND, not to mention, a La Jolla shopping haul and/or photo shoot. So stay tuned.

Back to the post. I would just like to say that razor back tank tops are marvelous. They are simple, casual, and easy to wear anywhere. In my opinion, I would recommend buying a looser fitting tank top, that way you could wear it as a comfortable workout top, a beach/pool cover-up, or combine it with a bralette (Yes, I have finally figured out how to wear them)! I wore this while going for a run at Torrey Pines, and I must admit I felt a lot better about myself wearing something other than old cross country t-shirts. So that is where I must conclude, be back soon!