OOTD: November 13th

OOTD: November 13th

With 70 to 80 degree weather in November, it is difficult to put away the summer clothing. Today was one of those days. Here is my lovely roommate Cindy flawlessly pulling of this apple green (hint hint) collared top, white shorts, and green and white polka dotted nails. These colors make me reminisce of summer – I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂

How I Style Combat Boots #2/ Oversized Cardigan

How I Style Combat Boots #2/ Oversized Cardigan

This sun & moon tank top I got from A’gaci is one of my favorite fashion finds from this past week. The material is lightweight, soft, and the perfect length. The arm holes are very deep, so I purchased a simple black bandeau (also from A’gaci) to go underneath. It was great to finally find a tank top like this that doesn’t cost more than it’s worth! It reminds me of Brandy Melville style, yet only a fraction of the cost!

Also, ever since I purchased combat boots, I realized that just about anything goes with them. Shorts, jeans, dresses… anything. To top this look off, I covered up with an oversized cardigan I found at Goodwill. You don’t have to go to a department store to find specially made oversized clothing. This is a size 22/24, which wouldn’t look right on me if it was the main piece, but it works well with this outfit as a whole.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

Top – A’gaci
Bandeau – A’gaci
Cardigan – Goodwill
Shorts – TJ Maxx
Combat Boots – TJ Maxx

Casual Summer Night Out

This was probably the most difficult of the shoots to perform. The lighting was horrid, but I did what I could with the yellow glare. Overall, I think it adds to the “summer nights” effect I was going for.


Black seems to be a color people avoid wearing during the summer, as it is believed to be more of a winter hue. Lies! Black is always flattering, no matter what. Pair it up with silver sandals to make the look less dull. When deciding on jewelry, I follow the rule that black goes with silver, and white/beige goes with gold. Of course with a rule there are always exceptions. Also, look for beading around the collar – I find that detailing near the neck has a much more significant impact than details elsewhere.

The second outfit here consists of a lovely pink polka-dot skirt. Loud patterned skirts are an easy way to put an outfit together. Choose a statement skirt, like the one above, and pick out your top and skirt according to the skirt’s theme. Need a purpose for wearing all those basic tank tops you have lying around? Tuck them into a playful skirt for a flirty look. With the shoes, go for a color opposite the color of the skirt on the color wheel. For example, Charlie went with green/teal sandals to contrast the pink skirt. You can never go wrong with the color wheel. Trust it.


Here are two last outfits. Who says you have to wear some sort of dress/skirt on a night out? Maybe you just want to be comfortable, or it’s a little windy. White shorts are essential! In my opinion, they create a beachy, summertime feel that cannot be recreated say in the fall, or spring. Paired up with a bright solid top, they create the ultimate fun, casual summer outfit. Next is the pencil skirt. Not as comfortable but resistant against wind for sure! Again, I find black fitting for summer nights, but now this black pencil skirt is paired with a tribal tank top. I absolutely love the tribal trend going on right now. It just has summer written all over it. I can’t describe it in any other way.

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