Preppy OOTD

Preppy OOTD

Not sure where I got the motivation from to actually dress up on a Saturday, but it happened. Also, I rarely dress preppy; but I wanted to try this new black and white chevron skirt I got for Christmas. I really love nautical colors, so over a simple black tank top I am wearing a thrifted navy blue cardigan, fastened with a coral pink belt.

I’m not big on chevron, but I really like the way this skirt falls so that it makes the pattern overlap. So there you have it, my OOTD 🙂

Urban Flower: OOTD

Urban Flower: OOTD

I know the majority of us avoid wearing the skinny jeans, and instead go for leggings; but sometimes that dark denim really makes an outfit. I think skinny jeans look especially good with flowy tops and minimal shoes. In this case, I paired them with a loose floral top from Urban Outfitters, maroon Pesaro ankle booties, and a vintage pearl necklace.

I think this outfit gives off a chic, urban chick vibe! I wore a brown leather jacket on top, but forgot to take a picture. Overall, it’s a pretty simple outfit to put together, and it makes me feel a lot more confident going about my business.

Have a great Friday night 🙂

Photo Credits: Cindy

The Short Cut

The Short Cut

It all happened yesterday morning, when I woke up to find my hair tangled like that hopeless barbie doll’s hair that could never be recovered. And thus I decided to have it chopped off. Cropped is a better word. I vaguely knew how I wanted my hair to look, but I got my inspiration from A Pretty Penny, who recently cut her hair. I really liked what she had to say about long hair just being a “rut.”

In my opinion, you can make a fashion statement no matter the length of your hair. The benefits of short hair: 1) less tangles, 2) save money on hair products, 3) faster execution of hair do’s. I’m not even sure why I wanted long hair before.

People always say, “you can’t do anything with short hair.” False. In fact, I didn’t do jack with my long hair.

I’m quite pleased with the result. No layers, same length all around. 🙂

OOTD: Pineapple Dress for the Win

OOTD: Pineapple Dress for the Win

Last night I went to a Secret Santa party and instead of being the conventional ‘holiday festive,’ I added my own twist to Christmas wear. The three colors that generally signify Christmas are straight up red, green, and gold; instead, I chose for my color palette olive green, maroon, and pale yellow. I think that all of these colors go so much better together than the typical crayon colors. The main focus of this outfit is, of course, the pineapple dress. It adds a great Hawaiian twist to the holiday season without being obnoxious.

Because it even gets cold in SoCal, I paired this outfit with black tights, a brown cardigan, and an olive green jacket. Details will be listed down below.

Photo credits: Cindy

Jacket – Forever 21
Cardigan – Forever 21 Mens
Dress – Tori Richard, Honolulu
Tights – Charlotte Russe
Ankle boots – Anne by Pesaro
Belt – Forever 21

Finals Week Fashion: OOTD

Finals Week Fashion: OOTD

In a finals week slump? Have you reached the point where you can no longer remember the last time you showered because your days and nights have been spent cooped up at the library, wearing the same outfit of sweats and sweatshirt? When you realize that you’ve been in the library for so long you’re not sure what time it is, nor what day…

As for Waing, her solution to relieving this mood of “I’m such a mess. Finals finals finals…” is by dressing up. It may not actually improve your study habits, but at least you’ll feel better while you cram, and you won’t be as embarrassed to go out in public. Not speaking from personal experience…

This outfit it perfect for those with warm-winters. A summer maxi skirt still keeps your legs warm while looking stylish, and long-sleeve crop tops are all the rave this winter. Choose a lace crop-top if you don’t need the insulation. While summer prints may be hard to wear this season, try pairing them up with dark solid colors. If this doesn’t work – put those summer clothes away! You don’t need them!

Good luck on finals everyone!

OOTD: December 2nd

OOTD: December 2nd

For the first time in the past few years, I didn’t actually go all out during Black Friday. Poor college student syndrome I call it. I did however acquire these cute plum booties from Rack Room Shoes. It’s still pretty warm in California, so I like to turn my summer dresses into fall outfits. I was so excited to find a cardigan with elbow patches at a thrifting event, and my knee high socks are finally being put to use.

Boots – Pesaro
Dress – Forever 21
Cardigan – Forever 21 Men’s

Photo credit: Cindy